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Architectural & Landscaping Guidelines

Architectural & Landscaping Guidelines Amended and Restated 2-13-2013 RecNo1060592
Arch & Land Guidelines 2013 1st Modification 11-14-2014 RecNo1089236
Arch & Land Guidelines 2013 2nd Modification 10-11-2018 RecNo1149157
Arch & Land Guidelines 2013 3rd Modification 4-12-2021 RecNo1190284
Arch Guidelines 1st Amendment* 3-27-2009 RecNo993084
Arch Guidelines 2nd Amendment* 9-22-2010 RecNo1020189

*These and the original Architectural and Landscaping Guidelines (as included in Original CC&R’s) have been incorporated into the Comprehensive Amended and Restated 2013 Guidelines

Architectural Submittal Forms & Builder Forms

EHCA Construction Guidelines 2-14-2022
EHCA New Dwelling Checklist 9-5-2022

Other Recorded Documents & Community Association Information

Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions Original 2004 RecNo884350

  • CC&R’s
  • Exhibit A – Land Initially Submitted
  • Exhibit B – Land Subject to Annexation
  • Exhibit C – Rules & Regulations
  • Exhibit D – Architectural Guidelines (Original)
  • Exhibit E – Landscaping Guidelines (Original)

CC&R 1st Amendment 1-10-2006 RecNo925868
CC&R 1st Supplement 11-03-2004 RecNo896541
CC&R 2nd Supplement 4-11-2005 RecNo906547
CC&R 3rd Supplement 1-10-2006 RecNo925870
CC&R 4th Supplement 1-26-2007 RecNo950576
CC&R 5th Supplement 1-14-2003 RecNo1059149
CC&R 6th Supplement 11-14-2014 RecNo1089235
CC&R 7th Supplement 12-18-2015 RecNo1106072
CC&R 8th Supplement 7-13-2017 RecNo1130782
CC&R 9th Supplement 10-11-2018 RecNo1149158
CC&R 10th Supplement 3-11-2020 RecNo1168890
CC&R 11th Supplement 4-12-2021 RecNo1190283
Edgemont Highlands Community Association (EHCA) Articles of Incorporation
Edgemont Highlands Community Association (EHCA) Articles of Incorporation
EHCA By-Laws 1-20-2004 RecNo877020
EHCA First Amendment to Bylaws 11-11-2020
EHCA Rules and Regulations 11-16-2020

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