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Edgemont Highlands is a residential community located northeast of Durango, Colorado.

Edgemont Highlands

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Living at The Timbers at Edgemont Highlands comes with other perks! Our location is just miles from downtown Durango and other attractions, while still giving you the nature of mountain living.
2,029’ of vertical drop, 1,360 acres of terrain, 30 minutes from town
Durango Area Tourism Office – information, things to do, lodging, restaurants and more
Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad – All aboard to experience wildlife, waterfalls and amazingly beautiful views
Offering 20 years of nature, science and environmental education
Durango Colorado’s daily newspaper


Architectural & Landscaping Guidelines

Architectural & Landscaping Guidelines Amended and Restated 2-13-2013 RecNo1060592
Arch & Land Guidelines 2013 1st Modification 11-14-2014 RecNo1089236
Arch & Land Guidelines 2013 2nd Modification 10-11-2018 RecNo1149157
Arch & Land Guidelines 2013 3rd Modification 4-12-2021 RecNo1190284
Arch Guidelines 1st Amendment* 3-27-2009 RecNo993084
Arch Guidelines 2nd Amendment* 9-22-2010 RecNo1020189

*These and the original Architectural and Landscaping Guidelines (as included in Original CC&R’s) have been incorporated into the Comprehensive Amended and Restated 2013 Guidelines

Architectural Submittal Forms & Builder Forms

EHCA Construction Guidelines 2-14-2022
EHCA New Dwelling Checklist 9-5-2022

Other Recorded Documents & Community Association Information

Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions Original 2004 RecNo884350

  • CC&R’s
  • Exhibit A – Land Initially Submitted
  • Exhibit B – Land Subject to Annexation
  • Exhibit C – Rules & Regulations
  • Exhibit D – Architectural Guidelines (Original)
  • Exhibit E – Landscaping Guidelines (Original)

CC&R 1st Amendment 1-10-2006 RecNo925868
CC&R 1st Supplement 11-03-2004 RecNo896541
CC&R 2nd Supplement 4-11-2005 RecNo906547
CC&R 3rd Supplement 1-10-2006 RecNo925870
CC&R 4th Supplement 1-26-2007 RecNo950576
CC&R 5th Supplement 1-14-2003 RecNo1059149
CC&R 6th Supplement 11-14-2014 RecNo1089235
CC&R 7th Supplement 12-18-2015 RecNo1106072
CC&R 8th Supplement 7-13-2017 RecNo1130782
CC&R 9th Supplement 10-11-2018 RecNo1149158
CC&R 10th Supplement 3-11-2020 RecNo1168890
CC&R 11th Supplement 4-12-2021 RecNo1190283
Edgemont Highlands Community Association (EHCA) Articles of Incorporation
Edgemont Highlands Community Association (EHCA) Articles of Incorporation
EHCA By-Laws 1-20-2004 RecNo877020
EHCA First Amendment to Bylaws 11-11-2020
EHCA Rules and Regulations 11-16-2020

Community Association Financials and Meeting Minutes

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