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Better Together: Why Communities Thrive

December 13, 2016

How well do you know your next-door neighbors? Could you even recognize the man that lives four doors down if you ran into him at the supermarket? Sadly, as the world’s population has increased, the sense of community has decreased. Community is a powerful aspect that has been better preserved in some areas than it has in others. Here are some benefits to living in a close-knit community:

1. Constant Care- When raising a child, it takes a village. When everyone in a community is known and trusted, it allows for both young and old to communicate and thrive. Kids can run and play in local parks alone without parents worrying. Additionally, the elderly can live alone knowing that neighbors will check on them in the event of a serious injury.
2. Economic Benefits- Purchasing from big-box stores puts more money in the pockets of billionaire CEOs, more pollution in the air from transportation, and a lower quality of mass-produced product. By living in a community, members often know the occupations of their neighbors. This increases the likelihood of shopping local instead of at the closest superstore.
3. Inclusion- For those living in a community without known friends or family, the world can seem awfully lonely. By having a sense of community, these loners can feel a sense of belonging and meaning. This can lead to a healthier and happier life.

The Timbers at Edgemont Highlands outside of Durango, Colorado is one of these preserved communities. We offer amenities to bring the community together including ten miles of private hiking trails, private fishing, access to the national forest, and more. While creating a thriving environment, it is extremely important to our community and members that we stay environmentally responsible and preserve when possible.

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