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Trees, Trails, Tranquility...

Trees, Trails, Tranquility...

Trees, Trails, Tranquility...

Trees, Trails, Tranquility...

Trees, Trails, Tranquility...

Trees, Trails, Tranquility...

About the Community

Encompassing over 500 acres, of which almost 200 acres is devoted to open space, the community is located five miles from downtown Durango and features over ten miles of private hiking and walking trails, access to the National Forest, private access to over 1.5 miles of Florida River hiking and blue ribbon fishing, a beautiful Community Lodge, architectural assurances and much more.

Comprised of gently sloping meadows, rocky outcroppings covered with lichen, secluded draws and rugged upper benches, the varied and rich terrain supports extensive ponderosa pine forests, sturdy stands of Gambel oak, the occasional juniper, and more than 150 native plant species. The land imparts both a sense of quiet sanctuary and an ongoing invitation to step outside and share in the natural wonder, whether you are going for a walk, hike or run on one of the trails or relaxing by the river. The best of Colorado mountain living just minutes from downtown Durango.

Our Mission

Our goal is to create a thriving community that provides homeowners with exceptional amenities while also respecting the land it’s built upon through sustainable practices, architecturally integrated homes and shared access to the natural surroundings. This goal is realized through:

  • Creative and conscientious land planning that demonstrates a respect for the land’s natural features with a harmonious integration of homes where each site relates and shares in those natural features, as much as possible.
  • A creative, practical, appropriate, consistent and inviting architectural landscape that reflects both continuity and diversity.
  • A sincere effort to incorporate practical, environmentally responsible practices, including energy efficiency, material consideration, minimal disruption of soils and erosion control.
  • A particular effort to be sensitive to water usage while at the same time giving guidance and example in creating inviting and rich landscaping.
  • The creation of amenities that promote opportunities for interaction and sharing among community members and provide individual opportunities to share outdoor natural features.
  • A dedication to thoughtful decision making and quality in all details.

Environmental Sensitivity

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One of the founding principles of Edgemont was a dedication to the thoughtful decision to be mindful stewards of the land. Roads were mindfully placed to preserve trees and reduce impact. In the land planning efforts, roads were placed in a manner that minimized disturbances and utilized natural drainage patterns. Some of the larger trees that were removed to build the roads were milled into lumber on the site, and were used in the building of homes, and of the Community Lodge. Smaller trees were chipped on site to use on the walking trails within our trail system, which currently encompass over ten miles.

Utilities were buried and natural gas installed. Almost a mile of existing power lines along County Road 240 were buried. A natural gas line extension was installed nearly three miles to the site, eliminating propane tanks and thousands of truck trips to refill the tanks, and providing a cleaner and more efficient energy source for heating.

Continuing along the lines of making the community more ecologically sensitive considerable xeric landscaping requirements that are in keeping with the natural high desert landscape were implemented. A comprehensive list of suggested plantings is defined within the landscaping guidelines. A xeric garden around the Lodge serves as a demonstration of the beauty that can be achieved while honoring the area’s climate.

Local artists have further enhanced the aesthetics of the property through various art pieces. A giant steel pine cone at one entrance, and giant oak leaves and acorns at the other celebrate the natural beauty of the property and invite residents and visitors in to the community in a playful, understated way. A local environmental artist created many subtle, thought-provoking installations constructed from native materials along the trails to further invite residents to interact with the natural landscape.

Community Comments

Location and setting are what attracted us to Edgemont Highlands. Easy access to town yet we enjoy the forest and surrounding mountains. The rustic appearance of beautiful homes nestled among the oaks and pines provides a serenity unmatched in urban communities.

~ L.B.


Warm sense of community and inclusive environment.  Cohesive housing parameters while emphasizing individuality.  Beautiful, serene surroundings with convenient access to downtown.  Prompt, reliable community support and services.

~ B.B.


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